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Analog was yesterday - artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important

Digitization is a cornerstone of modern industry. It holds enormous potential to significantly increase performance in production and thus strengthen competitiveness in Germany. To achieve this, it is essential to combine competencies in the field of data acquisition and processing with expertise in production technology.

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Analog was yesterday - artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important

Digital infrastructure

Services for the industry

Consulting for the development of digital infrastructure in plastics processing

Our service

The digitization group has digitized the SKZ-Technika with extruders, compounders and injection molding machines and a variety of peripheral equipment and has gained experience with the different systems. In addition, there is a wealth of experience from industrial practice. We can share this experience and accompany companies that still have this path ahead of them.

We can support with the following questions:

  • How does one deal with the various data interfaces? 
  • Which data do you need at all? 
  • How do you collect the data and how do you store it? 
  • What can you do with this data (AI, visualizations, alarms, machine availability)? 
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System) 

Christoph Kugler | +49 931 4104-457 |

Consulting Data Analysis and Data Related Services

Our service

After the question of how, which data to collect, the next step must not be missing. The use of the data to improve your processes and optimize the output. For this we offer different levels of support, depending on which external support you need or at which point of process optimization through data usage the company is. The services we offer can be purchased individually by level or completely:

Consulting Data Analysis in Operations (Level 1)
Customers then have ...

  • The knowledge to assess where data analytics can help in production.
  • Knowledge about different tools that can be considered.
  • The ability to estimate the effort required to implement data analytics.

Optional: Training of employees on-site to be able to perform their own data analyses with suitable tools.

Creation of customized data analysis tools (Level 2)
Customers have afterwards ...

  • Tools and software for data analysis adapted to the infrastructure
  • Applications that can be operated independently by employees

Training of application-specific AIs (Level 3)
Customers then have ...

  • An AI that infer desired problem-specific parameters from data and can be retrained

Creation of highly integrated data applications (Level 4)
Customers will have ...

  • An application that provides real-time analysis without the need for manual action by the user


Timo Grunemann | +49 931 4104-362 |


Technology provider research

Our service

Your production is always running at full capacity, but to stay competitive you still need to find ways to increase your efficiency. Especially due to the shortage of skilled workers, it makes sense to achieve this increase in efficiency through the introduction of new technologies and the digitalization of processes. However, often the first step, the research of new technologies, is already too big an obstacle. The SKZ can take over the work for you and thus pave the way for you.

Matthias Kübert| +49 931 4104-438 |


Market entry consulting in the plastics industry for tech companies

Our service

You have developed a product that makes work easier for many companies, reduces waste through intelligent data analysis or reduces costs in the production of products? But you don't know how you can help your product to become established in companies? Then we, the SKZ, can help you. We offer them several opportunities to gain a foothold in the plastics industry.

André Stollberger | +49 931 4104-429 |


From Data Analytics to Human-Machine Interaction

The innovation potential addresses the entire value chain from the production of plastic materials, their processing, post-treatment and assembly to material flow and logistics. This is where our expert knowledge from manufacturing is combined with expertise in the application of powerful digital technologies. The greatly increased performance on the part of digital information processing enables the production-related use of, for example, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality for which the information from intelligent sensors and machines is available on the basis of holistic networking. 

The closely networked competencies at SKZ enable value creation potential to be tapped at an early stage. The systematic collection of data is the basis for all further steps. Defining the correct data sources for each process individually is the basis for efficiently analyzing the relationships within the process.

The data obtained offers interesting approaches for the use of simulation methods, expansion of the existing database as well as numerous other applications.

Christoph Kugler
Group Manager | Digitalisation

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Become part of the SKZ team

Are you looking for a varied job in one of the most promising industries in Germany? Come and join us!

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