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Transformation of the plastics industry

The industry is currently in the midst of a twin transition – the simultaneous change to a digital and more sustainable economy. New technologies and political and social requirements, such as the transition to a circular economy and the establishment of the bioeconomy, are leading to changes in value creation patterns and sometimes require disruptive and often digital changes.

With the Transformation of the Plastics Industry research group, we are focusing on this holistic change. Our aim here is to help shape the future of plastics production and use in a visionary way. To this end, we are pooling our collective SKZ expertise.

In research projects and services, we support companies in the plastics industry in

  • the transformation of their processes towards climate neutrality 
  • the establishment of circular (digital) business models 
  • the implementation of energy efficiency measures
  • the use of renewable raw materials
Jonathan Lambers
Group Manager | Transformation of the plastics industry


CO₂ balances for products and companies
in accordance with ISO 14067/64

The carbon footprint determines the sum of all climate-relevant gases emitted by a product (product carbon footprint) over its entire life cycle or by a company (company carbon footprint). It is a starting point for developing an effective climate strategy and climate protection-oriented marketing. Our carbon footprints are calculated according to recognized methods and standards, comprehensively documented and thus provide a sound database for climate-specific product and company assessment.

Training and networking

As experts in the field of plastics technology, we strive to pass on the knowledge we have acquired over decades to our customers. From material development and manufacturing processes to the application of various testing and measuring methods - in our numerous practice-oriented courses, you as a participant will acquire the necessary knowledge in dealing with the material plastic. This begins with the selection of the right materials and compliance with production-oriented design rules, extends to the correct handling of equipment and machines for the production and processing of plastic components and ends with the correct understanding of quality criteria and the associated use of testing and measuring tools.
Bringing together people from different areas of the company and from different industries to exchange experiences and specialist know-how is also a top priority for us, alongside the pure transfer of knowledge. Our numerous specialist events are the ideal place for a free exchange of ideas. Renowned speakers from a wide range of industries and excellent specialist presentations make the SKZ conferences popular meeting places within the plastics industry.

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Increasing energy efficiency in the processing of plastics

Energy can be saved in many areas of plastics processing. We help you to leverage the savings potential and thus reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Based on company data and our own performance and flow measurements, we carry out energy consumption analyses and identify optimization points.

Development of transformation concepts for companies

A transformation concept comprises the analysis of the current situation by means of a company-wide carbon footprint (in accordance with ISO14064), the definition of climate targets and the recommendation for targeted implementation. The legal framework defines the minimum requirements for the desired target state in the future. Together with the company, an action plan for achieving the targets is drawn up and the organizational anchoring of climate management, e.g. through sustainability monitoring, is defined within the company.

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