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Rotor blades, powder coatings and even floor coverings have one thing in common - they are manufactured with the help of thermosets. Thermosets are frequently used as adhesives, matrix of fiber composites, potting compounds and coatings in many industrial sectors, such as the automotive industry, medical technology and aerospace. This extremely versatile class of materials is characterized by excellent processability, high temperature and chemical resistance, low creep tendency and very good mechanical properties.

The wide range of applications of thermosets is achieved by the great variety and modification possibilities of the resins. At SKZ, resin systems are formulated and customized modified to meet the wide range of application requirements.

Our experience in thermosets:

  • Polyester, acrylate, epoxy, polyurethane, phenolic and silicone resins.
  • 1K thermal latent systems
  • 2K systems
  • UV curing systems
  • incorporation of fillers and additives (resin modification)
  • Nano-composite
Dr. Andreas Köppel
Group Manager | material development


Component manufacture

In the area of component manufacturing, we can draw on various potting or injection molding processes.


The focus is on the characterization of: Reactivity (DSC), processability (rheology), composition (FT-IR and SEM/EDX), dispersion quality (particle measurement technology), mechanical and fracture mechanical properties, thermal properties (DSC, TGA) as well as aging behavior.

Resin modification

We deal with the incorporation of fillers and additives by means of various mixing and dispersing aggregates as well as compounding equipment. In addition, we can produce small batches for our customers to order.

Welding · Bonding · Surface technology

Are you looking for thermal or adhesive joining techniques to join your materials with a high quality? You want to pre-treat or analyze the surface of your plastic components? SKZ supports you in the selection of mechanical or physical surface pretreatment as well as joining processes according to technical and economic criteria also at your site.

Dr. Eduard Kraus | +49 931 4104-480 |

To the areas of welding | bonding | surface technology

Production of test specimens

The production of test specimens according to a wide range of standards and special test specimens using press or injection molding processes is part of our numerous customer and R&D activities.

Material selection

We offer to conduct market and literature research for the identification of suitable resin systems, taking into account their specific requirements.

Non-destructive testing

Just as diverse as the application possibilities of thermosets are, there are a wide variety of non-destructive testing options based on ultrasound, X-ray, terahertz and radar technology as well as thermography, among others. These can be used to detect defects such as pores and blowholes in components or during manufacture in the liquid state. Similarly, the curing reaction can be detected inline on the curing component in order to reduce cycle times and increase process reliability.

Giovanni Schober | +49 931 4104-464 |

To the area of non-destructive testing

Technical equipment

  • Reactivity
    DSC, DEA analysis and rheometer
  • Processability / flow behavior
  • Composition
    FT-IR and SEM/EDX
  • Dispersion quality
    Particle measurement technology (DLS, SLS), computed tomography
  • Mechanical and fracture properties
    Universal testing machine (tensile, flexural and KIc tests)
  • Thermal properties
    DSC, TGA
  • Aging behavior
    Various climatic test chambers
  • Inline quality assurance procedures
    e.g. inline thermography: temperature distribution on the component surface directly after demolding 
Dispersion method

Dissolver, rotor-stator disperser, three roll mill, high pressure homogenizer, universal mixer, ultrasonic homogenizer, intensive mixer.

Testing and compounding equipment

In our technical center, formulations can be prepared and refined, and sample materials for test specimens or prototypes can be produced. Twin screw extruders and a planetary roller extruder are available for this purpose. Furthermore, there is a laboratory kneader ("plasticorder") and a rolling mill. Due to the increasing interest of the industry in injection moldable thermosets, this area is currently being expanded.

Thermoset injection molding

Against the background of technical challenges such as energy efficiency, electromobility or renewable energies, thermoset applications are increasingly coming into focus. In order to be a competent partner for industry, the SKZ is further expanding this research area. Equipment is available for injection molding of free-flowing molding compounds and for processing BMC.

Markus Schömig | +49 931 4104-251 |

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