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Durable – reliable – safe
Everyday life without plastic products is impossible. Therefore it's important that they fulfill their tasks as good as perspected. We are happy to perform the necessary quality assurance tests for this purpose.

Test methods

Tested safety
Safety and outstanding quality are good sales arguments for your products. In our accredited test laboratory, we test and certify a wide range of different plastic products using numerous test methods.

Product certification

Confidence bonus for certified products
Test seals increase confidence in a product and the associated tests for quality assurance. Our accredited test laboratory will also test and certify your products.

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Bite a bit - artificial dog teeth test the quality of toys for animals

Durable, hard-wearing and safe products are important for many dog owners.

Bite a bit - artificial dog teeth test the quality of toys for animals

Durable, hard-wearing and safe products are important for many dog owners.


Testing of pet supplies

Would you like to stand out from the competition
with your pet supplies?

The SKZ tests plastic products from the pet supplies sector and awards seals of approval as a sign of outstanding quality. With the "SKZ tested" seal, buyers of pet supplies immediately recognize that the product has been tested, is durable, hard-wearing and harmless to health. 

Surveys have shown that 86% of dog toy buyers would be prepared to spend more money on comprehensively tested products. As one of the largest plastics institutes in Europe, we have many years of extensive experience in testing and evaluating plastic and textile products.

Contact us and we will offer you a customized test plan for your product!

Anja Armani
Project Manager Construction Products
Ulli Eisenhut
Group Manager | Special Services and Expert Reports

Typical questions from customers who buy pet supplies products

  • My dog chews on a toy for hours. 
    Is it damaging its health?
  • I left the water bowl in the garden. After a short time, the plastic bowl looked different. Has it been damaged by the sunlight?
  • My cat destroys its toys within a very short time. 
    Isn't there something that lasts longer?
  • Can parts come off this toy that my pet could swallow?
  • Is the Frisbee too hard for my dog's teeth?
  • The pet mat smells strange. 
    Can I still give it to my pet to sleep on?
  • Will the toy float if it falls into the water?
  • Can my dog also play with the toy in winter when it is below freezing or will it break more quickly?
  • Is the toy also suitable for puppies?
  • Is my pet's food packaging actually free of harmful substances?

Acceptance of tested animal toys is high

This is confirmed by a survey of more than 440 buyers of dog toys from Germany with quoted age groups from 2022 (source: Appinio).

How likely is it that you would pay a premium for a dog toy that has been comprehensively tested by an independent, neutral and accredited testing institute?

We offer the following examinations

  • Storage of the products in artificial saliva
  • Determination of mechanical properties: Tensile tests, impact tests, bending tests
  • Artificial weathering
  • Bite test with artificial dog teeth
  • Plasticizer content and type
  • Hardness measurement
  • Density measurement
  • Testing for volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Mechanical resistance to cold / heat
  • Emission measurements
  • Determination of critical ingredients
  • and much more

Tensile test to determine the mechanical properties of dog toys (Photo: SKZ)

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