From A like Additive Manufacturing to W like Welding

SKZ offers a wide range of research activities on different plastics processing technologies

The properties of polymers are suited by the compounding to the requirements of the final product. In this field of our research activities the focus is on the process engineering of the continuous thermoplastic preparation. Within research projects we are working independent or in cooperation with industrial partners on solutions, that are aimed at the optimisation of the complete process chain.

The production of technical parts requires reproducible product quality parameters and thus reproducible processes and material characteristics at reasonable costs.
Even if some companies already use additive manufactured parts in their series production, jumping over the hurdle for a wider range of articles requires to optimize the break-even point by cost reduction and process improvements.

The analysis and development of welding methods with appropriate process parameters is the core of research activities in the field "Welding of Plastics" at SKZ.
Here, industry or SKZ self-initiated research topics are primarily processed. Furthermore, SKZ supports industrial companies with the implementation of new ideas and solving problems.

All of this makes SKZ a competent, independent and neutral contact for all different plastics processing technologies.

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Dr. Benjamin Baudrit
Deputy Managing Director | Procuration
+49 931 4104-180
Dipl.-Ing. Georg Schwalme
Head of Department Injection Moulding and Additive Manufacturing
+49 931 4104-372

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