Quality policy

Our understanding of quality

The procedures set out in the documented information apply. SKZ-Cert GmbH guarantees all applicants an objective, impartial assessment and a competent evaluation. Confidentiality and openness, also for complaints, characterise our actions. All employees of SKZ-Cert GmbH as well as the external auditors commissioned by it have committed themselves to this; they assume full responsibility for this.

The objectives of SKZ-Cert GmbH are to lead the applicants to think and act in a quality-, environment- and energy-conscious manner, taking into account occupational health and safety aspects, in order to conserve resources and ensure occupational health and safety, thereby strengthening confidence in the economy, consumers and other public circles.

Through a material-, process-, product- and system-oriented way of thinking and acting, SKZ-Cert GmbH ensures a sensible framework for a practical and reasonable certification according to generally accepted rules. This is made possible through the use of experienced practitioners and trained personnel, as well as through the use of appropriate resources.

To ensure neutrality, consulting activities are not offered or carried out by SKZ-Cert GmbH. No recommendations are made about individual consultancy firms.

In order to ensure equal treatment of all applicants, no unreasonable financial demands or other conditions will be imposed that result in a threat to impartiality. We see loyalty towards clients and companies as the basis for a successful and long-term cooperation.

Within the framework of our customer satisfaction strategy, we will critically examine our system via our regular reviews and key figure evaluations, taking into account the respectively applicable standards and guidelines, as well as define specific goals and corrective or improvement measures.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Robert Schmitt
Managing director
+49 931 4104-310
SKZ Technology Center
SKZ – Technology Center
Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 22
97076 Würzburg

Telefon: +49 931 4104-0
E-Mail: training@skz.de

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SKZ Welder Training Center
SKZ Welder Training Center
Frankfurter Str. 15-17
97082 Würzburg

Telefon: +49 931 4104-123
E-Mail: training@skz.de

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SKZ Training Center
SKZ Training Center
Köthener Straße 33a
06118 Halle (Saale)

Telefon: +49 345 53045-0
E-Mail: halle@skz.de

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SKZ Training Center
SKZ Training Center
Rauher Grund 9
72160 Horb am Neckar

Telefon: +49 7451 62457-0
E-Mail: horb@skz.de

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SKZ Training Center
SKZ Training Center
Woltorfer Straße 77, Halle G
31224 Peine

Telefon: +49 5171 48935
E-Mail: peine@skz.de

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EZD · Location Selb
European Center for Dispersion Technologies (EZD)
c/o SKZ – KFE gGmbH
Weißenbacher Str. 86
95100 Selb

Telefon: +49 9287 99880-0
E-Mail: ezd@skz.de

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Analytik Service Obernburg
Analytik Service Obernburg GmbH
Industrie Center Obernburg
63784 Obernburg

Telefon: +49 6022 81-2668
E-Mail: info@aso-skz.de

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SKZ Standort Würzburg, SKZ Weiterbildung
Management certification

SKZ – Cert GmbH
Frankfurter Straße 15-17
97082 Würzburg

Phone: +49 931 4104-310
eMail: cert@skz.de

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