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When the pressure rises, the SKZ shows its strengths

Large diameter pipes must be able to withstand immense pressure. SKZ Plastics Center recently began performing burst pressure tests on pipes using a new Model 1718 Large Pipe Burst Tester from IPT-Prüftechnik. This state of the art testing system allows testing to ASTM D 1599 and other common standards for quick burst testing.

March 12, 2024
Großrohr-Berstprüfgerät IPT 1718

Tested pipes in front of the new large pipe burst tester. (Photo: Luca Hoffmannbeck)

New Large Pipe Burst Tester Expands Würzburg Institute's Test Facilities

SKZ recently purchased a new large pipe burst tester: the Model 1718 from IPT Institut für Prüftechnik Gerätebau GmbH & Co. KG. This state of the art testing system allows tests to be performed in accordance with ASTM D 1599 and DIN EN 1555-3 as well as other common standards for burst pressure tests (quick burst tests). Another advantage of our service is the availability of closures for all common pipe sizes up to a nominal diameter of 900 mm (DN 900). 

Evaluating the Pressure Resistance of Piping and Other Components
The burst pressure test method is used to simulate extreme pressure loads or pressure peaks, thus providing a reliable assessment of the pressure resistance and general quality of pipes and other components. A major advantage of this method is that it provides information about the strength and stability of the tested products in relatively short test times, typically in the range of minutes or hours. This allows general or comparative quality statements to be made efficiently, which can be incorporated into regular or random quality control, as well as being relevant to product development and optimization.

System is extremely flexible
Thanks to the many possible combinations of frequency-controlled pump units, flow rates of up to 120 or 370 l/min and test pressures of up to 100 or 60 bar can be achieved. This makes the system extremely flexible to perform accurate and reliable tests at a test temperature of 23°C. In addition, higher test temperatures of up to 95°C in the water bath or up to 150°C in the oven are available to meet individual customer requirements.

"Investment in modern testing equipment
"We are proud to be able to offer our customers burst pressure tests on pipes and fittings up to a nominal diameter of 900 mm," says Stefan Weippert, group leader of the pressure testing department in the testing laboratory of the SKZ Testing division. "Our investments in modern testing equipment and our many years of expertise in the pressure testing segment enable us to continue to provide first-class services to our customers."

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Contact Person:

Stefan Weippert
Group Manager Pressure Testing

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