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Successful recertification audit at ELKE-Technik Wärme- und Verbindungssysteme GmbH

At a time when companies are increasingly focusing on quality and customer satisfaction, ELKE-Technik Wärme- und Verbindungssysteme GmbH has stood out with a successful SKZ recertification audit. In particular, the further development of the management system, the low level of complaints, the impressive know-how and the commitment of the employees made the company stand out positively.

June 9, 2023
Audit Elke-Technik GmbH

Patrick Langen (SKZ), lead auditor; Monika Diehm (ELKE), management representative; Michael Fuchs (ELKE), managing director; Marianne Barlian (ELKE), managing director and owner; Benjamin Laule (ELKE), future management representative as well as Robert Schmitt (SKZ), head of certification body (from left to right). (Photo: ELKE-Technik Wärme- und Verbindungssysteme GmbH)

Management system, low number of complaints and commitment stood out

"Last but not least, the high level of interest shown by management in the audit was a clear sign of the importance the company attaches to quality assurance," says Patrick Langen, a member of staff at the SKZ certification body and lead auditor.
Further development of the management system
Elke-Technik has made great efforts to continuously improve the system since the last certification three years ago. The results of the audit clearly showed that these efforts have borne fruit. The management system was praised as effective, well-structured and appropriate for the company's requirements. The auditors were impressed by ELKE-Technik's clear processes, transparent documentation and systematic approach.
Few complaints
ELKE-Technik had worked continuously to improve the quality of its products and services in recent years, and this was reflected in customer feedback. The complaint rate had dropped to a very low level, which was due to both the high product quality and the effective processes for handling complaints. The auditors praised ELKE-Technik for taking customer feedback seriously and actively taking measures to improve.
Know-how and commitment
The auditors were particularly impressed by the know-how and commitment of the employees. In discussions, they found that they had a deep understanding of their areas of responsibility and were highly motivated in their work to implement the management system. The employees were described as qualified, committed and willing to take on responsibility. Their commitment was crucial to the success of the company and the positive assessment of the audit.
Last but not least, the high level of interest shown by the management in the audit was a clear sign of the company's commitment to quality assurance. Owner and Managing Director Marianne Barlian and Managing Director Michael Fuchs actively participated in the audit, answered the auditors' questions and emphasized the importance of quality standards and customer satisfaction. This clear message from the top down was reflected throughout the company and contributed to the positive atmosphere during the audit. "This success is the result of consistent and dedicated work by the entire team and represents a solid foundation for the company's future development," summarizes Dipl.-Ing. Robert Schmitt, head of the SKZ certification body.

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Robert Schmitt
Managing director

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