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SKZ's unique test facility sets new standards for thermal shock testing of piping systems

The SKZ Plastics Center recently acquired a newly designed test rig that is unique in the world. The experts at the Würzburg-based institute are now able to test large plastic pipes and their connecting elements with an outer diameter of up to 315 mm for thermal shock stress. In addition to the accuracy of the test results, the development also focused on resource-saving operation of the system.

January 23, 2024

SKZ has developed an energy-efficient thermal cycling test bench that is unique in the world. (Photo: Luca Hoffmannbeck, SKZ)

SKZ's unique test facility sets new standards for thermal shock testing of piping systems

The testing department at the SKZ Plastics Center in Würzburg, Germany, has recently been able to test large-diameter plastic pipes and their connecting elements with an outside diameter of up to 315 mm for thermal shock stress using a newly designed and globally unique test bench. The innovative test stand features an intelligent control system and a new type of storage system that enables impressive energy savings of up to 25 percent compared to conventional test systems. This is particularly important for the complex and energy-intensive thermal cycling of large pipes with cold (20°C) and hot (93°C) water in the flow and simultaneous internal pressure load (up to 10 bar)

Test stand uses two independent circuits for the first time 
To maximize energy efficiency, the test stand uses two independent circuits (hot and cold) for the first time, each with its own storage tank for specimen temperature control. By using two independent pumps to realize the system pressure and flow in each water circuit, both the volume flow and the pressure generating pump can be designed to be significantly smaller than in conventional systems. This enables highly accurate pressures and flow rates to be achieved when testing large sections of pipe, and also results in significant energy savings compared to existing systems.

Prevents mixing of cold and hot water
In addition, the simultaneous operation of a hot and cold circuit prevents mixing of hot and cold water during temperature changes. This minimizes the heating and cooling capacity required to maintain the temperature in the system, further increasing energy efficiency.

SKZ sets "a sign for the future of pipe testing"
Alexander Ebenbeck, Head of Sales for the SKZ testing division, says: "With this energy-efficient test bench, we are not only offering our customers a cost-effective solution, but are also setting an example for the future of pipe testing. The benefits in terms of energy savings and efficiency make this test bench an attractive option for companies that want to test new pipe components and connections for reliability and durability while also making a contribution to environmental protection. After just a few months, we have already seen that this innovation is attracting a great deal of interest in the industry."

SKZ as a pioneer in testing technology
The development of this energy-efficient test stand once again underlines SKZ's innovative strength in the field of materials testing. It sets new standards in thermal cycling testing of piping systems and positions SKZ as a pioneer in the development of sustainable and future-oriented testing technology.

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Dr.-Ing. Marcus Heindl
Business Unit Manager | Testing Laboratory

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