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SKZ Testing Division joins American Plastic Pipes Institute (PPI)

The Testing Division of SKZ in Würzburg, Germany, announces its membership in the prestigious US-based Plastic Pipes Institute (PPI). The primary objective of the PPI is to provide a common forum for member companies to jointly promote the acceptance and use of plastic pipe systems worldwide.

August 30, 2023

Plastic pipe systems are environmentally friendly, resource-saving, robust, durable and energy-efficient. (Photo: toa555 /

Membership promotes acceptance and use of plastic piping systems worldwide

Through its membership in PPI, the Testing Division will continue to promote the acceptance and use of plastic pipe systems internationally through research, education, technical expertise and advocacy. As an accredited laboratory with recognized experts in plastics testing and certification, the Institute's Testing Division brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will contribute to the further development and innovation of plastic pipe systems.

SKZ and PPI share a vision of sustainable and future-proof infrastructure solutions made possible by plastic pipe systems. These systems are not only environmentally friendly, but also particularly resource-efficient, robust, durable and energy-efficient. Their excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance, unique jointing properties and long service life make plastic pipe a smart choice for modern infrastructure projects.

PPI is a respected North American industry association dedicated to increasing awareness of the superior performance, economic viability and environmental benefits of plastic pipe systems. It does this by providing a common forum for member companies to work together to grow the market for plastic pipe and products and to promote the acceptance and use of plastic pipe systems worldwide. PPI members represent a wide range of professionals, including pipe, line, valve and fitting manufacturers; resin, additive and colorant manufacturers; equipment and machinery suppliers; distributors; laboratories; and other industry experts with a strong interest in the success of plastics in piping infrastructure.

SKZ is pleased to join PPI in contributing to the development of the plastic pipe industry and working towards a sustainable future in which plastic pipe systems play a vital role in modern infrastructure. For further information on PPI membership, please contact Christian Winkler, Group Manager Pipe Systems.

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Contact Person:

Christian Winkler
Group Manager | Pipe Systems

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