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SKZ Seminar "Polymer Casting in Electrical and Electronic Applications" Celebrates Ten Successful Years

The SKZ Plastics Center in Würzburg, Germany, is known for its practical training courses. The institute also regularly invites speakers from industry. One very successful example is the "Polymer Casting in Electrical and Electronic Applications" seminar, which has been training specialists for ten years.

November 30, 2023
Seminar Polymerverguss 10 Jahre Jubiläum

Dr. Eduard Kraus, Division Manager Joining and Surface Technology (left) and Michael Heilig, Group Manager Bonding and Surface Technology (right) present Dr. Martin Rütters from Fraunhofer IFAM with a certificate for the 10th anniversary and a small gift from Franconia. (Photo: Luca Hoffmannbeck, SKZ)

Seminar leader Dr. Martin Rütters honored for great commitment

We come into contact with potting compounds on an almost daily basis, although we may not be able to identify them directly. Polymer compounds protect the electronic components in today's technical gadgets - for example, they ensure that our cell phones and smart watches are waterproof, or that components in cars are protected from heat and environmental media or are electrically insulated.

Contents always up to date
On November 23 and 24, the seminar "Polymer Casting in Electrical Engineering and Electronics" took place for the tenth time at the SKZ Plastics Center. Reason enough to honor the seminar leader for the long and successful cooperation. Dr. Martin Rütters (Fraunhofer Institute IFAM) was presented with a certificate and a Lower Franconian "Bocksbeutel". Over the years, more than 250 participants have been able to acquire and expand their knowledge of various grouting materials, formulations and application technologies. The contents are prepared didactically by experts from SKZ and industry and are always up to date thanks to the research activities of SKZ, Fraunhofer IFAM and industry input.

Valuable contribution to the availability of skilled workers
The large number of people trained makes a valuable contribution to the future availability of skilled workers in an application area for key technologies.
"Polymer encapsulation is an application that continues to grow, especially with the increasing use of electronic components. We are therefore already looking forward to the next ten years and many interested participants," says Michael Heilig, Group Manager Bonding and Surface Technology at SKZ.

Exciting contributions from the industry
This year's program also included many exciting contributions from the industry. As in previous years, the pros and cons of various potting compounds, such as epoxies, silicones and polyurethanes, as well as aging, quality assurance and health and safety were discussed. "The comprehensive program provides participants with practical knowledge along the entire value chain. We would like to thank all the participating companies for their valuable input from everyday industrial life. Everyone benefits enormously from this," says Dr. Eduard Kraus, Head of Joining and Surface Technology at SKZ. "In addition to the high-quality presentations, the open exchange between participants and speakers is one of the great advantages of the seminar. Even after ten years, there are still exciting discussions and ideas," adds Rütters.

The seminar will be offered annually by the SKZ Plastics Center, and everyone involved is looking forward to continued interest for the next ten years.

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Contact Person:

Michael Heilig
Group Manager | Bonding and Surface Engineering

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