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SKZ offers various blown film extrusion courses

Film blowing is an important process for the packaging industry. The SKZ Plastics Centre in Würzburg, Germany, offers various courses in this field - and participants now have access to a new blown film line.

March 25, 2024
Blasfolienanlage SKZ

The SKZ Plastics Center has had its own blown film line since the summer of 2023. (Photo: SKZ)

New film blowing line expands training programme at Würzburg plastics institute

Film blowing has become indispensable in the packaging industry. This manufacturing process is used to produce a wide range of packaging products, from simple freezer bags to gas-tight bags for spices and food packaging for frozen products. But how does the process work? Why does the film often consist of several layers? These and other questions are answered in the SKZ's film blowing courses. Since the summer of 2023, a film blowing line with a maximum layflat width of 600 mm and up to five layers has been available for this purpose in the new SKZ technical center.

Courses for beginners
The Blown Film Extrusion Compact online course provides a brief overview of the blown film extrusion process in just a few hours. The Blown Film for Beginners course covers the basics of the process and the plastics used. The course is rounded off with a practical session on the blown film line.

Focus on process control
The Certified Blown Film Extrusion Setter course, which builds on the Lateral Entry course, provides an in-depth insight into the process with a focus on process control. Startup, optimisation and proper shutdown of the line are all part of the multi-day course, which concludes with a theoretical exam.

Completely new course dedicated to possible errors in film blowing
The "Errors in Film Blowing" course will be held for the first time in 2025. What mistakes can be made? Do they endanger the use of the film? How can they be avoided? The range of errors is enormous. In the course, participants will learn to recognise and classify typical error patterns and to make a statement about their applicability. The individual process steps should be sufficiently familiar.

"Deepen or acquire new practical knowledge".
"It is very pleasing that the SKZ can expand its training programme with its own blown film line. This allows participants to deepen their knowledge of blown film for packaging in a practical way or to acquire new skills," says Christian Emmerling, Senior Trainer in the Materials, Compounding and Extrusion Training Department at SKZ.

Two more face-to-face blown film extrusion courses will be offered at SKZ in 2024:
9 October 2024: Blown Film Extrusion for Career Changers
11 to 13 November 2024: Certified Blown Film Extrusion Setter

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Contact Person:

Christian Emmerling
Senior Trainer | Materials | Compounding | Extrusion

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