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SKZ is a recognized testing laboratory for geosynthetics in earthworks according to RAP Stra 15.

The testing department of the SKZ Plastics Center in Würzburg is a recognized testing laboratory for geosynthetics in earthworks according to the RAP Stra 15 guideline. This recognition confirms SKZ's commitment to the highest quality standards and expertise in road construction and geotechnical engineering.

October 17, 2023
Geokunststoffe im Straßenbau

Geosynthetics are important materials in earthworks and road construction (Photo: Ada K / Pixabay)

Recognition confirms SKZ expertise in road construction and geotechnics

RAP Stra 15, a guideline for the recognition of testing laboratories for construction materials and mixtures in road construction, is intended to ensure the reliability and comparability of tests and examinations in road construction. Uniform test procedures and standards ensure high quality and accuracy of results. The testing department of SKZ has been accepted into the circle of recognized testing bodies due to its competence and proven performance in the field of testing geosynthetics in earthworks. The specialists at SKZ have extensive expertise. They have the most modern laboratory facilities to carry out tests and investigations in accordance with the requirements of RAP Stra 15.

Geosynthetics are critical construction products in geotechnical applications that improve soil properties and overcome engineering challenges. They play a key role in increasing the stability of structures such as roads, dams and levees, controlling erosion and protecting soil from environmental impacts.

SKZ offers comprehensive test methods for permeable and impermeable geosynthetics. For permeable geosynthetics such as geotextiles, geogrids and drainage mats, properties such as tensile strength, bond strength, basis weight, thickness, indentation pressure, characteristic opening width, water permeability and water drainage capacity are tested. For geosynthetic geomembranes, thickness, MFR, density, swelling capacity and montmorillonite content are the key parameters. Essential properties are water permeability and mechanical properties such as tensile strength, puncture resistance and tear propagation force.

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Helmut Zanzinger
Group Manager | Construction Products

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