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Meusburger and SKZ: Reference book for correcting moulding defects in injection moulding - now also available in English!

The success story of the cooperation between SKZ and Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co. KG continues. The handbook on causes and suitable solution approaches for molded part defects in injection molding has delighted previous recipients. Now the reference book is also available in English.

November 21, 2022
Nachschlagewerk Formteilfehler Spritzguss

The reference book from Meusburger and SKZ for analyzing and correcting injection molding defects, previously only available in German, is now also available in English (Photo: Meusburger)

Free copies available now

Whether thread formation, color differences, air bubbles or warpage - even experienced production employees are confronted with molded part defects time and again. Despite a high level of expertise and years of experience, it is often not possible to determine directly how and why an injection molding defect has occurred. In order to be able to correct defects more easily and quickly in the future, Meusburger and the SKZ published a reference book for typical injection molding defects and their appropriate solutions. The clearly laid out guide contains more than 70 injection molding defects, both with an explanation of the cause and with various tips on how to correct them.

The reference book for correcting molded part defects in injection molding has been available since August 2022. Since then, the SKZ alone has been able to send out over 250 copies. The response has been excellent. The first molding defects have been identified, the cause found and, moreover, rectified immediately. The free German edition has now been supplemented by an English-language version in order to provide assistance to a larger group of people. A copy can be requested free of charge in English or German via

Those who would like to deepen their knowledge in this area will find corresponding courses at the SKZ, also in English, both in attendance and in online format.

Presence course: Injection Molding – Basics and defects
Online course: Injection molding defects

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Matthias Ruff
Head of Sales Training & Research | Procuration

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