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Practical SKZ course on PVC – the evergreen among materials

Due to increased demand, SKZ is offering a practice-oriented course specifically on PVC. Here, the special features of PVC processing and testing will be addressed in detail.

March 7, 2023
PVC Extrusion

PVC is a versatile material (source:

Processing and testing methods are clearly demonstrated in the course

Various points must be taken into account when processing PVC. For example, process conditions such as temperature, pressure and processing speed must be carefully controlled to ensure uniform processing and a high-quality end product. The processor should also be familiar with test methods relating to this material.
Therefore, SKZ offers a hands-on course around PVC extrusion. "Due to the high importance of the material, a focused course on PVC processing is justified. Of course, we also address PVC processing in our basic courses and extrusion courses, however, we wanted to create yet another offering in which all the special features and details of this plastic are taught," says Andreas Büttner, Group Manager Education Material Development, Extrusion and Compounding at SKZ.
With PVC, many think directly of plasticizers and bad hospital floors that are quickly damaged by high heels. The term vinyl, in turn, brings back nostalgic memories of black discs with music and long hair. However, the material used for records and flooring is the same.
Even if perceptions and perspectives vary, it is nevertheless clear that PVC is still a material in great demand for a wide range of applications. Even in the age of digital data and streaming, PVC remains with us in the form of cable insulation, for example. The main reasons are PVC's excellent flame-retardant properties. It is also robust, durable, inexpensive and easy to process. Some of the most common applications for PVC, besides insulation and cable sheathing, are pipes and window frames, truck tarpaulins, toys, but also coatings for tents or raincoats.

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Contact Person:

Andreas Büttner
Group Manager Training and Technical Center | Materials | Compounding | Extrusion

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