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Maincor receives Bavarian Resource Efficiency Award 2023 for joint project with SKZ

Maincor Rohrsysteme GmbH & Ko. KG was awarded the 2nd Bavarian Resource Efficiency Prize on September 14th for a joint project with the SKZ Plastics Center in the old Dominican Church in Bamberg. The award was presented to Maincor Managing Director Dieter Pfister by Thorsten Glauber, Bavarian State Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection.

December 5, 2023
 Bayerischer Ressourceneffizienzpreis Verleihung

This year, the 2nd Bavarian Resource Efficiency Award went to MAINCOR for a joint project with SKZ. (Photo: Bavarian State Ministry for Environment and Consumer Protection)

<w:sdt docpart="19D699CC0D3C4825822EF24DF1D0B451" id="-747952682" text="t"></w:sdt><w:sdt docpart="19D699CC0D3C4825822EF24DF1D0B451" text="t">First regrind underfloor heating pipe approved to use 25 percent less CO₂</w:sdt>

Maincor entered the competition with a new production process for heating and sanitary pipes, developed in a joint research project with SKZ. "It is the first approved underfloor heating pipe on the market that contains regranulate. The CO₂ footprint is a good quarter lower than that of pipes made from virgin material, while still meeting all technical requirements. This means that we have successfully achieved our long-held goal of closing the largest open material loop at Maincor," says Dr. Thomas Zeiler, Head of Technology at Maincor.

670 tons of CO₂ saved
The company can save up to 350 tons of material and 670 tons of CO₂. According to the jury, the process is worthy of the award because recycling was already considered in the product design, the waste can be reused in equivalent applications, and the CO₂ footprint of the products is reduced by 25 percent.

"Honoring the innovative strength of Bavarian companies".
Minister of State Thorsten Glauber praised the efforts of the award-winning companies: "The efficient use of resources protects the climate, saves costs, increases competitiveness and creates independence. This is a win-win situation for the companies. With the Bavarian Resource Efficiency Award we reward the creativity and innovative strength of Bavarian companies and want to motivate them to participate. Together, we will continue to advance climate protection in Bavaria. 

SKZ with a wide range of machines
In the joint project, SKZ was able to examine and process the production waste thanks to its diverse analysis methods and wide range of machinery. As the project progressed, test runs were successfully carried out on Maincor's industrial equipment.

SKZ would like to thank Maincor for the good cooperation and is pleased to have made a contribution to climate protection.

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