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Knowledge 24/7 with e-learning - Interview with Irena Heuzeroth, Senior Trainer at SKZ

The benefits of e-learning and self-paced courses have been recognized by many organizations. They are often used as an introduction, refresher or supplement to classroom training. The German Plastics Center SKZ has also recently added e-learning courses to its program. Irena Heuzeroth, one of the lead developers, is interviewed by SKZ podcaster Alexander Hefner.

July 31, 2023
Irena Heuzeroth

Irena Heuzeroth, Senior Trainer and e-learning developer (Foto: Luca Hoffmannbeck, SKZ)

SKZ now also offers e-learning courses, which can be booked via the homepage.

Hefner: Why is SKZ now introducing e-learning courses in addition to live online courses?

Heuzeroth: I recently read a quote that says: "If there's one constant in a successful life, it's learning. That's where we need to continue to expand our offerings. In my opinion, e-learning formats offer several advantages: Not only are they flexible and cost-effective, but they are also customized, interactive, and scalable. E-learning courses allow learners to create their own schedules and access learning content from anywhere. This is especially beneficial for working professionals who want to learn on the side or for individuals who do not have the opportunity to attend regular classroom training. Compared to traditional training, e-learning is generally less expensive. There are no travel or accommodation costs, and materials can be delivered online, eliminating printing and distribution costs. At the same time, e-learning can be tailored to the individual needs and learning speeds of participants. Learners can work at their own pace and use additional resources to review or better understand difficult concepts. Our e-learning courses offer interactive features such as tests, quizzes, and videos that make learning more effective and engaging. Learners can apply their knowledge immediately and receive immediate feedback. For organizations, e-learning offers the advantage of reaching and training many employees at the same time. These benefits have contributed to our decision to create more e-learning. We're also at the forefront of learning, and we want to offer our customers additional ways to acquire expertise.

Hefner: What courses are currently available as e-learning?

Heuzeroth: There are now a large number of courses in German and English. In addition to the introductory courses on materials science, there are also courses on specific topics such as extrusion and additive manufacturing. We want to stay on the ball here, too, and are currently developing additional modules on injection molding and mold technology.

Hefner: Who are these courses for?

Heuzeroth: Anyone who wants to learn with this medium. Especially people who only need a short introduction and have little time. People who are generally very self-taught can also benefit from these formats. For those who want to interact with others or prefer hands-on learning, we have our classroom courses. These are not intended to replace them. We see e-learning as a complement and an additional offering.

Hefner: What was the biggest challenge in creating courses compared to traditional courses?

Heuzeroth: One of the biggest challenges is the development of the learning content - the red thread, so to speak - of e-learning compared to our live online courses. On the one hand, content preparation is essential, and on the other hand, it requires careful planning to structure the content in a clear and understandable way. The content should be interactive and engaging to motivate the learner. The didactics are of course different as I am not interacting directly with the learner. A good course should include interactive elements, engaging design, and review of learning objectives to engage the learner and promote engagement. The diversity and complexity of the topics was an additional task for the colleagues, but it strengthened us as a team and I think the result is quite respectable.

Further information on the SKZ e-learning courses

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Alexander Hefner
Sales Manager

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