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Greatly enlarged: SKZ in Halle invests in digital microscopy

A Keyence VHX-7000 digital microscope is now available to the SKZ in Halle (Saale) for research, training and industrial projects. The high-performance microscope uses a high-resolution digital camera and, thanks to a 4K CMOS chip and a tilting axis, enables both 2D and 3D surface imaging. In addition to a wide range of analysis options, the accompanying software offers the use of numerous illumination options, an automated depth of field and the execution of measurements.

January 24, 2024

Examination of the adhesive fracture zones of a tensile shear specimen. (Photo: SKZ)

The site now has a Keyence VHX-7000 digital microscope

Microscopic images are an indispensable tool in materials science. They provide not only beautiful images, but also important information about the properties of materials. The use of microscopes is diverse and covers a wide range of applications such as the examination of material surfaces, the analysis of material structures and the determination of material compositions. Microscopy is also an important part of industrial materials testing and quality assurance.

Failure mode research for industrial customers
The SKZ in Halle (Saale) combines research activities in the field of composites with further education through a wide range of courses in the field of fiber-reinforced plastics and the fundamentals of bonding technology.  However, research into the causes of damaged components or the examination of fractured surfaces in particular requires high-performance microscopy, as most surface effects can only be seen at appropriate magnification. SKZ is thus improving its optical inspection capabilities to help customers solve their problems. At the same time, the acquisition of this innovative technology makes the Composites Research Group more attractive for research projects. Participants in bonding and laminating courses will gain a better understanding of damage processes through the visualization of processing defects.

Colleagues in education and research at the Halle site are looking forward to integrating the impressive images into course materials and evaluating fracture surfaces for current and future research projects.

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Contact Person:

Dr.-Ing. Jana Fiedler
Group Manager Research | Composites

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