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The 18th SKZ International Conference on Fire Safety and Innovative Flame Retardants for Plastics focuses on the latest developments in fire safety regulations and tests in building, transport and electrical engineering, as well as on new and advanced flame retardant systems and their use in polymers.

Special emphasis will be placed on fire safety aspects of electric/electronic equipment and e-mobility with contributions to photovoltaics, e-vehicles, electrical devices, battery fires, and new flame retardant systems in a variety of polymers. European and U.S. Innovations from academia and industry with topics focusing on 3D printing, FR textiles, flame retardants including sustainability and recycling will be presented and discussed. Practice is not neglected either: latest commercial flame retardant systems for textiles, thermosets, engineering and high temperature resistant plastics will cover this aspect most important for fire safety. 

The conference will be held in English and…