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Trust is good, control is better: training for supervisors is more important than ever

The SKZ Plastics Center offers comprehensive training courses on all aspects of plastics welding. A new guideline is currently being developed for the area of fiber composites - once it has been approved by DVS (from 2024), the course "Specialist for Plastic Lamination and Bonding" will be offered at the SKZ location in Halle.

October 25, 2023
Diskussion über Bauteilqualität

In a course at the SKZ site in Halle, participants discuss component quality. (Photo: SKZ Halle)

New course in fiber composites planned at SKZ Halle site

SKZ is well known for its on-the-job training of personnel who perform welding, bonding and fiber composite work. But not only the skilled workers, but also the next level of technical responsibility must have the necessary expertise to evaluate the practical work.

Increased demand for training

These positions are often held by the so-called baby boomers, the generation born in the 1950s and late 1960s, who will be retiring in the next few years. As a result of this generational change, which is also taking place at the level of skilled workers and is partly being solved by immigration, the importance of supervisory activities is expected to increase. The demand for appropriate training has been growing for some time.

The SKZ has responded to this demand by developing suitable training courses or adapting existing courses:

Welding of plastics 
The courses according to DVS 2213 have been established for years: Specialist for plastics welding, for the training of welding supervisors for the quality assurance of plastics welding work as well as for the supervision of welders during the new production of plants and apparatuses made of thermoplastic semi-finished products or their repair.

Fiber Composite/Composite
The DVS 2213-1 guideline is currently being developed for the field of fiber composites, the specialist for plastic lamination and bonding. The goal is to qualify supervisory personnel in the areas of tank and chemical plant construction, sewer and manhole rehabilitation, rail vehicle construction and all industries in which composite materials are manufactured or repaired. The guideline is scheduled to go into yellow print before the end of 2023, and it is planned to offer the course at the SKZ location in Halle (Saale) as soon as it has been adopted by DVS (from 2024). In addition to the training of specialists according to DVS 2290 with examination according to DVS 2220, this is another long overdue qualification level for fiber composites.

The new DIN SPEC 35255 finally defines standardized quality requirements for fiber composite processes in plants. The requirements for the qualification of composite specialists are also clearly defined for the first time. The aforementioned DVS guidelines are the appropriate offerings for the skilled worker level and supervisory personnel.

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Carina Heinze
Branch Office Manager

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