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New SKZ training offering for product development in additive manufacturing

SKZ has seen a significant increase in demand for training in additive manufacturing. Now the new course "Certified Product Developer" has been held for the first time. The SKZ is responding to the shortage of skilled workers in additive manufacturing with a wide range of training courses.

August 14, 2023
SKZ-Kurs Produktentwickler

SKZ Trainer Irena Heuzeroth as well as Scientists Kevin Popp and Alexander Schulmann with participants of the course "Certified Product Developer for Additive Manufacturing" (from left to right) (Photo: SKZ)

Certified Product Developers gain insight into manufacturing processes, materials, design and 3D modeling

SKZ recently held its first Certified Product Developer for Additive Manufacturing course. The feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive. The course provided participants with a comprehensive insight into manufacturing processes, materials, design and 3D modeling. Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) also played an important role in the course. DfAM is a specific design methodology that optimizes the part taking into account the capabilities and limitations of additive manufacturing. This allows for maximizing the benefits of this manufacturing technology, such as weight reduction, complex geometries, and function integration.

Since the beginning of the year, the SKZ has seen a significant increase in the number of requests for courses on additive manufacturing and, for the first time, is offering training to become an industrial technician specializing in additive manufacturing in cooperation with the Würzburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Other courses offered in this area include introductory and overview courses as well as training in process engineering. The program is rounded out by online training courses for those interested in expanding their knowledge flexibly and independently of fixed schedules.

The current skills shortage also affects additive manufacturing. Over the past few years, the technology has evolved significantly and grown in importance, leading to an increased demand for professionals with the appropriate knowledge and skills. Currently, there are few professionals with years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the field. Additive manufacturing requires specific knowledge in various areas such as CAD modeling, DfAM, materials science, process optimization, machine operation and quality assurance.

Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) design is an important step in the manufacturing of components or products. Additive manufacturing has the potential to revolutionize the way products are made. It opens up new possibilities for designing complex components, prototyping, custom products, and more. However, careful design and process optimization are critical to producing high-quality, reliable end products. Unlike traditional manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing offers design degrees of freedom that are impossible or prohibitively expensive to achieve with traditional manufacturing processes.

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Contact Person:

Robert Held
Group Manager | Training Injection Moulding and Additive Manufacturing

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