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Color as a support for the brand - Colorists trained at SKZ are in demand

Color is always a fundamental component of a brand. In principle, plastics can be colored very well. However, it is challenging to continuously recreate a color shade within specifications. At the German Plastics Center SKZ in Würzburg, Germany, there has therefore been a separate degree for colorists for several years.

June 13, 2023
SKZ-Abschluss Colorist

The colorist degree provides knowledge in colorimetry, color measurement and color formulation, among other things (Photo: SKZ)

The degree imparts knowledge of colorimetry, color measurement and color formulation, among other things

Plastics are an excellent material due to their good colorability. The color spectrum of the products is large and can be chosen relatively freely depending on the base material. However, there is also a challenge inherent in this virtue: recognition value is only given if the color tone of the product does not vary. This sounds easier than it is and requires a certain amount of experience and expertise. Nevertheless, with the appropriate know-how, the color can be adjusted very precisely and can also be measured. That's why SKZ has created the comprehensive Colorist degree, which provides participants with the tools they need to meet the demands placed on color.

"Colorists are at the interface between design and production in the plastics industry. Correspondingly extensive knowledge is a requirement and is also taught in our courses. Colorimetry, color measurement and color formulation, for example, are specialist topics in which SKZ-certified colorists are equipped," explains Linda Mittelberg, Group Manager Spectroscopy. The SKZ qualification as a colorist has a modular structure and can therefore be obtained in several short course units.

On the one hand, color is very important for recognition. For example, children as well as adults recognize company logos of well-known companies much more than, for example, tree species by their leaves. On the other hand, the right color coordination in lighting also makes fish and meat, for example, appear fresher and thus influences purchasing decisions. The color scheme of packaging and the products themselves not only influences whether a product is purchased, but often also what image is associated with the product. Even if the effect is sometimes hardly noticed, subconsciously it has a demonstrable impact.

Further information on our German website about SKZ degree Colorist


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