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New Group Manager Component Properties

On June 1, 2023, Dr. Ruben Schlutter took over as head of the Component Properties Group in the Research Department of the German Plastics Center SKZ in Würzburg. In his new role, Mr. Schlutter will sharpen and expand the group's competencies.

June 27, 2023
Bauteileigenschaften Kunststoffe

The component properties research area at SKZ investigates, among other things, the aging behavior of plastics, such as the material polypropylene shown here (Photo: SKZ)

Dr. Schlutter brings 12 years of experience in education and training and in project management of research projects

Within the scope of his previous activities, Mr. Schlutter has more than 12 years of experience in project management of research projects and in education and training. He has been able to work on various research projects ranging from the qualification of bio-based plastics for industrial applications, digitalization in the injection molding process and the development of biocidal nanoparticles to interrupt infection pathways, to the development of a non-destructive testing method to evaluate the foam structure in thermoplastic foam parts. In education and training, Mr. Schlutter primarily deals with the topics of tolerancing of plastic components, form and position tolerances and injection molding simulation, but is open to other topics.
The Component Properties Group at SKZ, with its seven employees, is concerned with the service life prediction of plastic components, research into long-term mechanical behavior, the investigation of stress cracking resistance and the aging behavior of plastics, as well as the structure-property relationship. In his role as group leader, Mr. Schlutter will sharpen and expand the competencies of the Component Properties group. He also plans to establish new fields of activity in the area of digitalization and sustainability in cooperation with the established research groups at SKZ, as well as to strengthen the presence of the Component Properties Group in education and training.

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Contact Person:

Dr. Ruben Schlutter
Group Manager | Component Properties

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