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New Ring Extruder at SKZ Compounding and Extrusion Technology Center

The new ring extruder with 12 co-rotating screws enables SKZ to research the basic process technology for this type of extruder. This research is the starting point for application-oriented developments, e.g. in the fields of recycling and bio-economy.

August 3, 2023
Neuer Ringextruder

Technical Center Manager Kersten Kurda, Group Manager Compounding and Extrusion Hatice Malatyali and Division Manager Johannes Rudloff receive the new ring extruder from Michael Erdmann and Joerg Mayer-Lutz of Extricom Extrusion GmbH (from left to right) (Photo: Luca Hoffmannbeck, SKZ)

The new 12-screw ring extruder from Extricom Extrusion GmbH expands the institute's technical capabilities.

The 12-screw extruder from Extricom Extrusion GmbH adds to the institute's already extensive technical equipment, which consists of various single- and multi-screw extruders. "We already have the first ideas for some research projects. Improving process understanding is certainly of great interest to industrial users. This work will then form the basis for application-oriented process developments. The advantages of the ring extruder have great potential, especially in the recycling and processing of biopolymers. We are therefore very keen to receive initial enquiries from industry, as we naturally prefer to conduct research based on practical applications," explains Hatice Malatyali, Group Manager for Extrusion and Compounding.

In addition to the rest of the machinery, the ring extruder is also available for sample compounding requests. "We would like to thank our member company Extricom Extrusion GmbH, part of the CPM Group, for giving us the opportunity to expand our equipment once again and look forward to furthering our knowledge of ring extruders for the industry," emphasizes Johannes Rudloff, Head of Material Development, Compounding & Extrusion.

Ring extruders produce a good dispersion effect due to high elongation flow components. Comparatively small screw diameters can reduce shear and pressure peaks in the material with uniform energy input. This enables efficient and gentle compounding. At the same time, a large surface area is available for heat exchange with the barrel and core of the extruder. Very good degassing is also an advantage of the ring extruder, which is why this technology is often used for recycling, e.g. of hydrolysis-sensitive PET flakes. The 12 screws also offer the advantage of minimizing spreading forces. This helps to reduce screw and barrel wear.

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Contact Person:

Hatice Malatyali
Group Manager | Compounding | Extrusion

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