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Micrometer-scale cooperation: SKZ and Nano Dimension announce collaboration

Nano Dimension, an Israeli manufacturer of additive manufacturing equipment, is collaborating with the SKZ in Würzburg, Germany, as of now. For this purpose, Nano Dimension is providing SKZ with a Fabrica 2.0 system for research purposes.

March 13, 2023
Mikro 3D-Druck

Small plastic boats additively manufactured with the Fabrica 2.0 system from Nano Dimension (Photo: Luca Hoffmannbeck, SKZ)

Fabrica 2.0 facility for research purposes enables additive manufacturing on a micrometer scale

"With SKZ, we were able to gain a competent partner with many years of experience in the fields of plastics and additive manufacturing. We are looking forward to a strong and productive cooperation. With Nano Fabrica 2.0, the institute will receive a facility that enables completely new thinking and microscopic components," explains Jon Donner, General Manager of Nano Dimension, who is looking forward to the collaboration.
"For application-oriented research on cutting-edge topics, modern equipment is needed to meet the complex requirements. We are very pleased to be able to further expand our innovative equipment park in the field of resin-based additive manufacturing processes through the cooperation with Nano Dimension," notes Georg Schwalme, Division Manager Injection Molding and Additive Manufacturing. "The high resolution and accuracy open up new fields of application, for example, in the areas of medical technology, micromechanics or toolmaking. Interested customers are welcome to visit the plant and its possibilities by appointment," adds Schwalme.
About Nano Dimension
Nano Dimension is a provider of smart machines, hardware and software solutions for additive manufacturing. Its pioneering solutions transform design and production to meet the efficiency requirements of Industry 4.0. The vision is to transform the clutter of analog and manual processes into fast, integrated and fully digital systems. Micro 3D printing creates components with microscale features. Known as micro manufacturing or micro additive manufacturing (Micro AF), it is considered an emerging technology and is now becoming an alternative from traditional manufacturing processes. Nano Dimension achieves Micro AF through its line of Fabrica 3D printers and uses a technique known as projection micro stereolithography. This technology achieves a balance between speed and quality with resolutions of a few microns.

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Adrian Beetz
Group Manager Research Additive Manufacturing

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