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Member of the German Parliament Jörg Nürnberger visits the extension of the EZD in Selb

Jörg Nürnberger (SPD), member of the German Bundestag, visited the recently inaugurated extension building of the European Center for Dispersion Technologies (EZD) in Selb. He also informed himself about the activities of the research center.

November 20, 2023
Politischer Besuch beim EZD

EZD Director Dr. Felipe Wolff-Fabris (left) and Member of the Bundestag Jörg Nürnberger (SPD). (Photo: EZD)

Focus on the importance of industry-related research and development

Following the official inauguration of the extension of the European Center for Dispersion Technologies (EZD) in Selb, Germany, Jörg Nürnberger, Member of the German Bundestag, visited the research facility and gained an impression of the activities of the researchers in Selb. EZD Site Manager Dr. Felipe Wolff-Fabris and SKZ Managing Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Bastian presented the EZD and its development as well as its parent institute, the SKZ Plastics Center, a member of the Zuse Institute. This was followed by a tour of the new premises.

EZD infrastructure and expertise expanded
In the course of the expansion, both the infrastructure and the expertise of the EZD have been expanded. The establishment of a Surface Coating and Characterization Laboratory and a Dispersing Technical Center will expand industry-related research into paints, coatings and inks. In addition, it will be possible to offer complete solutions from raw material to application. "We are a recognized development partner for the paint, coatings and plastics industries. The EZD team does an excellent job, which is why we are expanding our site in terms of personnel and topics just a few years after it was founded in 2014," says Wolff-Fabris. "We can now better fulfill our mission to help companies develop and manufacture innovative products."

Important role of the ZUSE community
During the visit, Nürnberger, Wolff-Fabris and Bastian discussed topics such as the transformation of German industry, the importance of industry-related research and development, and vocational training. There was also an intensive exchange on the transfer of results from basic research to application. The ZUSE Community, which was founded in 2015 and now has more than 80 members, plays an important role here. "The ZUSE community is a driver of innovation - German SMEs need support from practice-oriented institutes. The members of the ZUSE community transfer scientific findings into applicable technologies and thus prepare the ground for innovation," says ZUSE President Martin Bastian.

MdB Nürnberger impressed by the concept of the EZD 
"I am impressed by the concept of the EZD in Selb to build a bridge between basic research and development and research in the companies themselves. This helps small and medium-sized companies in particular, whose own research capacities are limited. This deserves appropriate state funding, which I am happy to support," Nürnberger concluded.

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Dr.-Ing. Felipe Wolff-Fabris
Branch Office Manager EZD

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