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Small tube with big benefits

A Nozzle Melt Monitor has recently been installed at the SKZ Plastics Center for basic and advanced training. With this innovative system, melt overflows and the resulting machine damage and production downtime can be efficiently avoided.

May 10, 2024
Nozzle Melt Monitor Bildung Spritzgießen

The SKZ has recently installed a Nozzle Melt Monitor. This prevents melt overflows during injection molding. (Photo: Bernhard Hennrich, SKZ)

SKZ relies on Nozzle Melt Monitor for nozzle monitoring in injection molding

Melt overflows in injection molding are a frequent cause of downtime and production losses. The main reason is contact between the melt and parts of the machine, which can be damaged as a result. Repair and cleaning subsequently lead to production downtime. However, easy-to-use systems are available to detect leaks at an early stage and prevent damage.

Mass overflow is prevented
The SKZ uses an innovative nozzle monitoring system from wf plastic, the Nozzle Melt Monitor (NMM), for training and further education in injection molding. This technology enables effective monitoring of the machine nozzle to prevent melt overflow onto heating bands and thermal sensors due to leaks. The mode of operation is simple and efficient. A light, constant flow of air is generated, which flows through a thin metal tube and, in the event of a melt overflow, virtually "blocks" before other machine parts are affected. A pressure monitor signals the problem so that the production employee can intervene. By using the Nozzle Melt Monitor, possible melt overflows can be detected at an early stage, resulting in cost-efficient and low-maintenance operation. This measure not only reduces repair costs, but also optimizes the availability of the production machines.

"Low investment costs"
"In addition to reducing machine downtimes, the system offers further advantages - such as low investment costs, simple retrofitting and low-maintenance operation. What's more, no additional settings are required on the machine itself, which made implementation much easier for us," says Robert Held, Group Manager for Injection Molding and Additive Manufacturing at SKZ. "Participants can test the system in our courses such as 'Certified Injection Molding Setter' or 'Certified Sampler of Injection Molding Tools'. The SKZ is thus focusing on a forward-looking solution for optimizing the injection moulding process and safeguarding production."

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Contact Person:

Robert Held
Group Manager | Training Injection Moulding and Additive Manufacturing

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