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New SKZ degree for certified mold manager: Fundamentals for product success in injection molding

Mold managers are the most important contact for customers and suppliers when it comes to designing injection molded parts and molds. The new SKZ degree for certified mold managers therefore imparts comprehensive knowledge on the design of injection molds and injection-molded products in five mandatory and one elective module.

March 6, 2023
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The mold design determines the shape of the part and significantly influences the injection molding process. (Photo: SKZ)

The degree includes courses in article design and costing as well as mold sampling

"It is often still underestimated what efficiency gains and thus cost savings can be achieved through good project planning of an article and a well thought-out mold concept," explains Robert Held, instructor at the SKZ. "That's why, in addition to a variety of courses that teach the subject in a practical way and with up-to-date input from our research activities, we also offer a degree to become a certified tool manager. The ideal tool manager or procurer has extensive experience in article and tool design, good process knowledge and an understanding of business management."

"Especially in injection molding, where very high quantities are usually produced, even small adjusting screws often have very large monetary effects, which is why knowledge rarely pays for itself faster than here," adds Matthias Ruff, Sales Manager Education & Research at SKZ. Prospective tool managers learn project planning as an essential tool right from the start. In addition to the basic product requirements of the end customers, all stages of product and mold development are therefore included in the planning.
In the production of injection molded parts, the article design and the design of the mold used for it have an enormous influence on the quality and cost-effectiveness of the end product. Article design takes into account the functionality, aesthetics and technical requirements of the part. Factors such as material selection, wall thicknesses, component stiffness and loads must be carefully planned to produce a product that meets the requirements. An improperly designed article can result in poor quality, lack of functionality, or even failure or scrap. The subsequent mold design determines the shape of the part and significantly influences the injection molding process. Is the mold temperature control properly designed? Can the required tolerances be maintained? Or can the planned cycle time be realized? These are just a few points that have a major influence on efficiency and thus also on costs in injection molding production. In order to produce a high-quality part economically, both the article and the mold must therefore be carefully designed and projected. Participants learn exactly that in the SKZ degree for certified mold managers.

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Matthias Ruff
Head of Sales Training & Research | Procuration

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