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The German Plastics Center SKZ is an expert in the weathering of plastics

The Testing Business Unit of SKZ in Würzburg, Germany, is an expert in weathering and UV resistance testing. In a new 4-part LinkedIn series, the institute highlights the important role of weathering tests in materials testing.

September 26, 2023

Weathering laboratory of the SKZ testing department (Photo: Luca Hoffmannbeck, SKZ)

Four-part LinkedIn series featuring weathering and durability testing news and developments beginning in October.

The four-part series "Your Experts for Weathering Plastics" will be published on LinkedIn starting in October. Interested parties will learn about the latest findings and developments in the world of weathering and UV resistance testing.

"Our many years of experience and our commitment to the highest quality in materials testing make us a reliable partner for companies in a wide range of industries. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise in our upcoming four-part series on LinkedIn entitled "Your Experts in Weathering Plastics". We invite you to follow us and benefit from our expertise in this area," says Alexander Ebenbeck, Sales Manager of the Testing Business Unit.

Marcus Heindl, Division Manager Test Laboratory, adds: "Our highly qualified staff and modern equipment enable us to perform weathering tests according to almost all relevant norms and test standards in a timely manner. This enables us to provide our customers with quick and meaningful insights into the weathering resistance of their materials.

Environmental and weathering simulation weathering testing is a critical element of materials research and development. These tests are used to understand and evaluate the effects of environmental conditions on various materials such as plastics, metals and composites. A distinction is made between natural weathering (outdoor weathering) and artificial weathering (laboratory weathering). Important weathering effects include UV radiation, temperature changes, and humidity.

Weathering and UV resistance testing methods simulate an outdoor climate, taking into account various combined stressors such as UV radiation/light, humidity, rain and heat under standardized laboratory conditions. These methods not only speed up life estimation, but also provide reproducible test results.

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Contact Person:

Dr.-Ing. Marcus Heindl
Business Unit Manager | Testing Laboratory

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