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Trainee physics lab technician at SKZ again with excellent performance

The SKZ Plastics Center has been training technically interested young people as physics lab technicians for over 40 years. This year, again, four trainees were able to successfully complete their training. Marco Cimander was not only the best physics lab technician in Bavaria, but also took first place overall among 60,000 trainees.

November 30, 2022
Auszeichnung Azubi Physiklaborant

Physics lab technician Marvin Martin, instructor Susanne Weiss, physics lab technician Lucas Knieß, physics lab technician Marco Cimander and Marcus Heindl, division manager of the SKZ testing laboratory (from left to right) (Photo: SKZ)

Marco Cimander best trainee in Bavaria

During the three and a half years of their training at SKZ, the new physics lab technicians learn a wide range of different measurement methods for characterizing material properties. These include mechanical tests, such as tensile, bending and impact tests, spectroscopic and thermal analyses, chemical investigations, electrical measurements and microscopic analyses. For their work with plastics, investigations into aging behavior, such as that caused by artificial weathering, are also essential.

For many years now, SKZ's trainee physics lab technicians have repeatedly achieved the top rankings in their final examinations thanks to the in-depth instruction they receive in the testing laboratory under the guidance of SKZ's expert and experienced laboratory staff. This year, Marvin Martin, Max Salzmann, Lucas Knieß and Marco Cimander passed their final exams with good and very good results. With an outstanding performance, Mr. Cimander achieved the highest score in the final exam in Bavaria among almost 60,000 trainees and is honored for this by the SKZ and the IHK.

All four physics laboratory assistants can be taken on by the SKZ this year in different areas of plastics testing.

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Susanne Weiss
Group Manager | Mechanical Testing

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