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climate-neutral test-services

Awareness of the impact of our own actions on climate change
is constantly in-creasing. 

Consumers, companies and the public are increasingly aware of their own responsibility. Climate-conscious action and economic activity is increasingly understood as an integral part of sustainable corporate strategies. SKZ would like to do justice to this aspiration and offer climate-neutral testing services.

In recent years, SKZ has already set the course for a more sustainable use of energy resources. For example, a solar thermal system and a modern combined heat and power plant have been installed in order to be able to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in particularly energy-intensive tests. These are mainly ageing tests, which require permanently tempered test basins, heating furnaces, climatic cabinets as well as irradiation or weathering equipment.

In the future, SKZ will continue to follow this path by paying more attention to energy-saving and low-emission systems when purchasing new test equipment. In addition, the energy requirement is to be covered increasingly with the help of "green" electricity or "green" gas and the SKZ fleet of service vehicles is to be largely converted to vehicles powered by natural gas or electricity.

Since it is not possible to completely prevent all CO2 emissions despite the many measures already implemented, an overall concept has been drawn up which al-lows us to offer climate-neutral services as an option. This concept is based on compensating CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided or currently reduced further in a testing programme by means of so-called CO2 certificates. The basic idea here is to use the acquired certificates to support projects that help to withdraw greenhouse gases elsewhere (e.g. through reforestation) or further reduce corresponding emissions (e.g. through the expansion of renewable energies).

As one of the largest plastics institutes in Europe and as a partner of the plastics industry, SKZ would like to set a good example with this offer and offer our customers environmentally friendly added value. Based on this concept, climate-neutral testing services and the associated test reports will be provided with a special test mark.

We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers this type of testing services and thus can contribute to climate protection. Ultimately, we all benefit from it.

Ulli Eisenhut
Deputy Head of Damage Analyses

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