Pipes and Fittings

The pillars of a high-quality product are the expert design and production by the manufacturer as well as the initial testing by a proficient, accredited testing laboratory, followed by the approval/certification of the product and the subsequent regular quality monitoring.

The staff of the business units “Pipe Systems – Domestic Installation” and “Pipe Systems – Supply and Sewage” support you at home and abroad on your way from the initial testing up to the approval of your pipe systems in accordance with standards, certification programmes as well as test and inspection specifications. We also assist you with support and advice if you plan to modify your products or if there are relevant changes concerning the test specifications.


The business unit “Pipe Systems – Domestic Installation” comprises in particular:

  • Pipe systems for drinking water, heating and gas installation, consisting of pipes and suitable pipe connectors (fittings)
  • Plastic pipes and multilayer composite pipes (also plastic-metal composite pipes)
  • Fittings, mechanical (e.g. clamp, press, plug-in or sliding sleeve fittings) or firmly bonded (e.g. heated tool socket welding fittings and adhesive bonding joints)
  • Pressure-resistant, flexible hose lines for drinking water installations

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The business unit “Pipe Systems – Supply and Sewage” comprises in particular:          

  • Plastic piping systems for gas and water distribution as well as suitable fittings
  • Pressurized and non-pressure plastic piping systems for underground drainage and sewerage as well as suitable fittings
  • Geothermal probe systems for geothermal energy
  • Cable protection pipes, cable ducting, microtubes as well as suitable fittings for telecommunication and energy supply
  • Drain pipes and multi-purpose pipes as well as suitable fittings for subsoil drainage
  • Pipeline systems for room ventilation
  • Eaves gutters and fittings for the drainage of rainwater
  • Compensators and connector elements for the compensation of changes in pipe length due to temperature differences in a piping system

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The test and approval/certification specifications according to which we work include for example:

The DVGW regulations for the gas and water supplyDVGW-Logo
The national technical approvals of DIBtDIBt-Logo
DIN CERTCO – certification programmesDIN CERTCO-Logo
The HR test and inspection specifications of SKZ



Products with test results published before April 15th, 2011 may be advertised with the old logo further on. The stamp with the new logo has been used since April 2011.
INSTA – SBC for the Scandinavian countriesINSTA-CERT-LogoINSTA-CERT-Zertifizierungszeichen
ASTM and PPI regulations for the USAASTM-Logo
AS/NZS for Australia and New ZealandAS-Logo
Qplus Swiss Quality for SwitzerlandQ-plus_WEB-RGB


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