Temperature cycling test

The purpose of the temperature cycling test is to determine the resistance of piping systems for installations inside buildings to alternating temperature.

For the test according to DVGW worksheet W 534 for 15 minutes each alternately cold (approx. 20 °C) and hot (approx. 93 °C) water is circulated through a test set-up which is modelled on a real installation with the essential pipes and fittings at a test pressure of 10 bar. Altogether 5,000 cycles are run during which it is observed whether any leaks occur.

For tests according to DIN EN ISO 15874-5 to 15877-5 or DIN EN ISO 21003-5 ("Pressure cycling test") other test temperature and test pressures shall be used, depending on the relevant application class/operating pressure.

In the latter case the test is performed according to DIN EN 12293.

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