Resistance to longitudinal force (tensile strength)

This test examines the behaviour of pipe connections when subjected to tensile stress.

As test specimen a straight pipe is used, which is provided with transition fittings on both sides. By means of the transition fittings, the test specimen is fixed to the traverses of the tensile testing machine and for 1 h subjected to a constant force in longitudinal direction of the pipe. The height of the tensile force depends on the outside diameter of the pipe. As test temperature 20 °C as well as, depending on the relevant test basis, another higher test temperature, e.g. 95 °C, is used.

The tests are performed in accordance with DVGW worksheet W 534, DVGW VP 600, DIN EN ISO 15874-5 to 15877-5 and DIN EN ISO 21003-5 / DIN EN 712.

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