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Physical and Chemical Testing

Numerous methods are used to characterise material specific properties. These methods are important tools for quality control, failure analysis, product development and component optimisation. The subject of the investigations are end products, semi-finished products, compounds, polymers as well as fillers and reinforcing materials.

Our test methods include:

  • Carbon black content
  • Colour
  • Comparative Tracking Index (CTI)
  • Degree of crosslinking
  • Density
  • Dehydrochlorination (DHC)
  • Dichloromethane resistance (DCMT)
  • Environmental stress cracking (ESCR)
  • Extraction / Plasticizer content
  • Fogging behaviour
  • Fibre and filler/ash content
  • Fibre length distribution
  • Gas permeability (oxygen, water vapour)
  • Gloss
  • Hardness
  • Heat deflection temperature (HDT)
  • Molecular weight distribution (GPC)
  • Odour test according to VDA 270
  • Opacity
  • Salt spray test
  • Sulfated ash
  • Surface energy / Contact angle
  • Vicat softening temperature (VST)
  • Viscosity number
  • Volume and surface resistance