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Mechanical Tests

We offer you a wide variety of mechanical tests on moulding compounds, semi-finished products and products made of thermoplastic, thermoset and elastomeric materials.

Apart from the testing technology  the optimal preparation of the samples also plays a major role. This includes for instance milling, sawing, punching or cutting and, if necessary, injection moulding, pressing or welding for the preparation of test specimens.

Our daily business comprises standardised tests as well as the development and implementation of individual and product-related test methods.

We would be pleased to submit you an offer tailored specifically to your project or product.

Our test procedures include:

  • Abrasion and wear tests
    e.g. EN ISO 5470-1, DIN 53754, EN 660-1, ISO 9352 (Taber), ISO 4649 (rotating cylindrical drum), EN ISO 105-X12 (crockmeter)
  • Flexural and compression tests
    e.g. EN ISO 178, EN ISO 604, EN 3384
  • Penetration tests (instrumented or free falling dart)
    e.g. according to ISO 7765-1 a. -2. EN ISO 6603-2
  • Dynamic tests
  • Hail resistance test
    according to EN 13583
  • Hardness tests
    e.g. ISO 48, EN ISO 868, ISO 7619-1 a. -2, EN 2039-1
  • Hydraulic tests
    e.g. EN 1928
  • Dimensional and weight tests
    e.g. EN ISO 62, DIN 53370, DIN 53377, EN 1107-2
  • Impact tests and notched impact tests
    e.g. according to EN ISO 179-1, EN ISO 180, EN ISO 8256
  • Welded seam tests
    e.g. EN 12316, EN 12317, EN 12814-1 to -7, DVS 2203-4 a. -5,
    DVS 2226-2 to -3'
  • Root resistance
    e.g. EN 13948, CEN/TS 14416, FLL green roofing guideline
  • Creep tests and stress crack tests
    e.g. ISO 16770, EN 14576, EN 815-1 a. -2, ASTM D 1693, ASTM D 5397,
    EN ISO 22088-1 to -4
  • Tensile tests
    e.g. EN ISO 527-1 to -5, EN 12310-1 and -2, EN 12311-1 and -2, ISO 34-1, ISO 37,
    EN 1939, EN 1461, DIN 53504, DIN 53363, DIN 53357, ASTM D 638, ASTM D 882,
    ASTM D 1004, ASTM D 6693


Universal testing machines:

  • Tensile, flexural and compression tests from 0.02 N to 300 kN
  • Extension measurement with contacting (optical) and non-contact extensometers
    up to 1000 mm with a resolution of 5 µm
  • Extension measurement with contacting (optical) and non-contact extensometers
    up to 180 mm with a resolution of 1 µm
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic specimen grips for tensile forces of up to 100 kN
  • Mechanical specimen grips for tensile forces of up to 300 kN
  • Roller grips for tensile forces of up to 300 kN
  • Mechanical and hydraulic specimen grips for compression tests
  • Temperature chambers for tests from -60 °C up to +180 °C