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Failure analysis / Expert reports

Every year we prepare more than 200 failure analyses.

The preparation of failure analyses takes place among others for the following interested circles:

  • producers and users of plastic parts, e.g. for the automotive industry, construction industry (e.g. distributors, suppliers), electrical and medical engineering and so on
  • producers of material and semi-finished products
  • welding
  • courts
  • insurance companies
Bruch in PA

For failure analyses, the accredited testing laboratory of SKZ in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 is essential. Our laboratory applies the following technologies: e.g. optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and also computer tomography.


The expert reports are based on a holistic consideration of the cause of defect of the plastic material, the processing, the product design and the environmental influences in the application. Apart from the preparation of the expert report and the corresponding improvement suggestions, the service offer of SKZ also includes the application technology consulting directly at the processing machines, e. g. injection moulding machines,  this way we can offer you a modular overall package. SKZ does not leave the „construction site“ until the problem is solved successfully once and for all.