Protective Measures against Covid-19

 1.    Distance and mask requirement 

If possible, a minimum distance of 1.5 m must be maintained between two persons. Close cooperation is avoided. If the distance is not maintained or there is movement in the building, the wearing of a FFP2 mask (without valve) is obligatory for all participants.  

2.    Work equipment

Working tools (including writing utensils) are to be used by one person only and are not to be exchanged. If this is not possible, they must be cleaned or gloves worn before passing them on.  

3.    Regular cleaning and ventilation 

All machines, tools, door handles and surfaces are cleaned regularly by our cleaning team. Seminar rooms are 
cleaned and aired regularly.

4.    Regulated access  

A condition for participation is a valid proof of a complete vaccination (the second or final vaccination was at least 2 weeks ago), a recovery from a Covid illness (provided the illness was no more than 3 months ago) or a negative Covid test result.

5.    Exclusion of risk participants and risk groups   

5.1.  Sick persons, especially those with symptoms of a respiratory disease or with unspecific general symptoms, are not allowed to participate in courses and practical training events. The same applies to persons who have been in contact with with persons who have demonstrably contracted COVID-19 within the last 14 days (category I and II contacts) or who have been in a risk area outside Germany in the last 14 days and have not tested negative.  

5.2.  Members of groups with an increased risk of a severe course are advised to take the necessary measures for their own protection and to consider participation. Known risk groups can be viewed at:

6.    Participant registration 

All participants are registered by SKZ. This means that the group is recorded and traceable.  

7.    SKZ staff 

Our trainers pay close attention to hygiene rules and will only conduct courses or in-house trainings in an absolutely healthy condition.  

8.    Provision of protective masks and disinfection facilities 

We provide protective masks and hand disinfection facilities at all our sites if required.

Additional local, regional and supra-regional laws and regulations (e.g. due to locally increasing infection rates) are of course valid and must be observed. If these ordinances tighten SKZ-internal rules, the official order is valid.

Keep your distance - and stay healthy!

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