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Project: Digital test protocol for compounding

Starting point

In plastics compounding, the level of digitalization is still relatively low. One of the reasons is the modular process design, which is difficult to implement digitally with the existing tools. As a result, processes are only documented at a very low level of granularity and generally without automation. In series production, companies have achieved efficient, high-quality production with existing systems, such as MES and PDA, but this hardly allows for data-based analysis and quality assessment.

In the compound development or with frequent product changes in compounding plants, the initial situation is even more unsatisfactory. Due to the many times higher number of compounds or products, some of which are only produced once, and the numerous associated changes to the systems and processes, it is almost impossible to use existing digital systems.

As detailed, complete documentation is extremely valuable in compound and process development, a high-resolution view at the process data level must be achieved. Suitable systems must be tested and, if necessary, further developed for this purpose.

The aim of the project is to design a comprehensive, high-resolution but also flexible data acquisition platform for compound development and production plants with frequent product changes. The aim is that besides process data also product quality assurance data and, especially meta-data about the experiment (plant design, quality data of input materials, observations by technicians) are integrated. This data can be used to generate valid reports and extract valuable cause-and-effect relationships, enabling accelerated material and process development and, in the long term, even a kind of virtual recipe development. To achieve this, a compounding line with maximum flexibility must be digitally mapped, which requires, for example, automatic identification of the connected peripheral components.

General conditions
All interested companies are invited to a coordination meeting to identify commonalities and align the project content with the individual requirements. A work and budget planwill then be compiled and the contribution for the companies is determined.

If you would like to take part in this exciting research project, please send a short e-mail  
Your request is non-binding. I would be happy to advise you personally on the planned process and further details. 
Did you know?!
You can claim research achievements for tax purposes under the Research Allowance Act!
On the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance you can find out which legal framework conditions apply.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
We look forward to work with you on this topicand to take this alternative path in contract research. 

Christoph Kugler

Christoph Kugler
Group Manager | Digitalisation

Duration: 9 to 12 month
Costs:  aproxx. 10,000 € to 20,000 € / company

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