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Process, cost and quality optimization through process data analysis

Many processes involving polymers are still controlled and optimized by experience or “trial and error”. In this case the quality of the product depends mostly on the personal impression of the machine operator. The reasons are the complex processes in the polymer industry, which can not be solved analytically. There are several methods available to get the specific coherences between process parameters and the product quality or properties. Regarding the typical polymer processes, software-aided evaluation techniques are promising. Those systems are already in use in large scale industry like chemical and power plants and yield excellent results. But those methods can also be used in the polymer processing industry and small companies.


The shown methods are also suitable for the most polymer processes. So this project addresses all companies in the polymer industry independently of the predominated processing technique. The analyzed processes can be optimized e.g. regarding the energy efficiency as well as the product quality.

The main project aim is to analyse your available process data through experienced SKZ personnel concerning a process optimization by means of e.g. quality scores. The use of modern analysis methods gives a deeper insight to the process. Furthermore it supports the identification and optimization of the quality-dominating production parameters. Besides the product quality it can be used to optimize the production costs. The developed soft sensors can be implemented in your facilities as an inline sensor for process and quality monitoring with the support of our partners right after the project.