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Preparatory Work for the Standardisation of Linear Shear Tests (LSV)


In March 2011, the SKZ launched a cooperation project with several companies for one year to confront the problems resulting from the mechanical testing of electro fusion welds. The aim of the project was to characterise the mechanical properties of electro fusion, heated tool sleeve and socket welds qualitatively with the linear shear test (LSV).

As has been shown in a completed research project and a variety of preliminary investigations, the LSV is a reproducible test methods (see figure) that can very well describe direct and linear correlations between strength and geometries, regarding electro fusion welds for example, with its linear motion and thus is able to provide transferable results. Moreover, the absolute reliability of the technique enables welding parameter improvements and further developments. The linear shear test has been used in numerous research projects and industrial cooperations to characterise materials and welds with a shearing motion and has thus demonstrated its practicality. Although the test method directly provides very reproducible and comparative results, the interpretation of the measured curves is difficult due to many partly still unknown factors.

Therefore, the focus in this cooperative project is the examination of these factors and the integration of the new test method in a DVS guideline to assess welded joints with a normalised linear shear test regarding their weld quality.