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High-quality and Ecofriendly WPC Infrastructure Products

Over the years, plastic cable manholes have been established in many areas mainly due to their very modular structure, low transport weight and easy installation. Together with Langmatz, SKZ developed a new wood polymer composites (WPC) material that is suitable for the production of complex, foamed cable duct systems by injection moulding.


The material developed contains a wood fibre content of 45 wt% - a significant value in terms of injection moulding - and has several technical, economic and environmental advantages compared to the standard material (glass-reinforced PC-blend) currently in use. The density of the new WPC material is approx. 1.0 g/cm³. The mechanical characteristic values crucial for the planned application (deflection, flexural strength and flexural modulus) are comparable with the standard material or even surpass it.

The new WPC material can be easily processed through conventional foam injection moulding, and except for minor changes to existing dies, no further adjustments are necessary. Thanks to the new material, cycle times were reduced significantly. In contrast to the standard PC blend, the processing temperature was also lowered notably, and has an enormous saving potential from an ecological and economic point of view.

Special thanks is due to the Bavarian Research Foundation which enabled the interdisciplinary cooperation between business and science in this project.