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Innovative WPC Facade Elements

This work focused on the influence of formulation components and processing parameters on impact strength and weather resistance. Additionally, we examined the optimization of the extrusion technology for the production of WPC facades by the example of window profiles.

WPC-Fensterprofil   Extrusion-WPC

Impact strength was optimized through using various impact modifiers in the PVC matrix. Another priority was the selection of suitable PVC types and lubricant systems. The optimization of weather resistance was limited to the reduction of water absorption and fungal infestation. Some formulations, especially those with chemically modified wood particles, showed a significant reduction of water absorption. A resistance to wood-destroying fungi was observed with all formulations. During the project a suitable extrusion die with an innovative window profile geometry was developed.

The project was a cooperation between SKZ and the Institute for Wood Biology and Wood Technology of Göttingen University.

The IGF project 15519 N of the research association FSKZ was supported by AiF within the framework of the program for the promotion of industrial joint research and development (IGF) of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. We kindly acknowledge the financial support.

You can obtain the research report with full details here (FV 283).