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Welding of wood-plastic composites (WPC)

The aim of this research project was to analyze or develop several welding procedures for any WPC product and to describe the influences of process parameters against the background of a worldwide lack of standardization. For this reason, research on heated tool butt welding (HS), ultrasonic welding (US) and vibration welding (VIB) has been conducted in the framework of this project.


To achieve the objectives of this project, the parameters, for which the highest weld strengths have been attained, were identified for the different welding processes. This was done for different WPC formulations and different profile geometries to understand and describe the relationship between these criteria.

Today very different WPC formulations are used in Germany. Therefore the welding parameters had to be optimized depending on the composition of the WPC. Thus, the connection between type of recipe, used welding process and resulting weld quality could be drawn. At this the mechanical properties were the focus of interest.

The possibility of welding of WPC products with determined parameters will significantly improve the economic situation of the companies in this industry, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), because new applications and new products in the construction, furniture and automotive sector can be opened up. The use of the above mentioned procedures will significantly expand the applications of WPC products as well.

This research project has been completed.

A summary of the results as well as detailed research results are included in the report, which can be ordered here (FV 276).