We Make Connections

The analysis and development of welding methods with appropriate process parameters is the core of research activities in this field at the SKZ.

Here, industry or SKZ self-initiated research topics are primarily processed. Furthermore, SKZ supports industrial companies with the implementation of new ideas and solving problems.

SKZ is thus a competent, independent and neutral contact for "Welding of Plastics".

Joining Techniques:

  • Heated tool butt welding (HS)
  • Infrared welding (IR)
  • Heated tool sleeve welding (HD)
  • Electrofusion welding (HM)
  • Ultrasonic welding (US)
  • Vibrational welding (VIB)
  • Hot gas welding (WF/WZ/WE)
  • Serial welding processes


  • Pipes
  • Profiles
  • Plates
  • Containers
  • Films / packaging
  • Rails
  • Series and special products


  • Polyolefins (PE, PP)
  • PVC
  • PA
  • Fluoropolymers
  • Reinforced and highly-filled materials
  • High performance polymers
  • New materials (WPC, etc.)
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