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For many applications, the tribological properties of plastics are of central importance. The knowledge about friction and abrasion behavior is essential for moving mechanical systems. Demands frequently made on materials are low coefficients of friction for low energy consumptions and good wear resistances to extend maintenance rates. These parameters can be determined by application-oriented system tests or standard measurement methods.

Different measurement methods for the determination of tribological properties (friction, sliding and wear properties) are available at the SKZ:

  • Tribometer (abrasion tests, friction coefficient)
  • Application-specific wear tests (surface stress test etc.)
  • Hardness tests (IRHD, Shore A and D, ball indentation, Vickers)
  • Vicat softening temperature (temperature stability)
  • Taber abraser
  • Abrasion device with a rotating cylindrical drum
  • Wear device for Stuttgart test
  • Crockmeter
  • Erichsen Scratchtest