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Surface treatment

The adhesion of an adherent (e.g. paint, glue etc.) at an adhesive surface can be significantly improved by various surface pretreatment methods. A difference can be made between methods for improving the mechanical adhesion (roughing, grinding, skeletonizing etc.) and the specific adhesion (chemical and physical surface pretreatment methods).

The SKZ offers numerous possibilities for the pretreatment of surfaces, for example by:

  • Purification (e.g. with solvents)
  • Mechanical pretreatment (sanding, blasting, grinding, milling, skeletonizing etc.)
  • Thermal pretreatment (doped and undoped flame impingement by Kreidl procedure)
  • Electrical pretreatment (corona discharge, atmospheric-pressure plasma, low-pressure plasma)
  • Laser pretreatment (CO2- and UV-Laser)

The technical equipment in surface pretreatment and adhesive bonding can be found here.