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Interface phenomena

There are numerous examples of interfacial phenomena in the field of plastics processing:

  • Demolding behavior in injection molding
  • Melt slipping and sticking during Processing
  • Melt residues on heating elements in plastics welding
  • Adhesion at bonding
  • Pollution of plastic surfaces
  • Poor cleaning ability of plastic components

All of these phenomena can be described by characterization of the mechanical surface structure, the chemical-physical surface composition, the material composition and the adhesive forces and thus can also be influenced by changing these parameters.

Different examination methods for this characterization are available at the SKZ:

  • Microscopy
  • Scanning electron microscope with EDX (element analysis)
  • Infrared spectroscopy with ATR (molecular analysis)
  • Roughness and 3D topographic analyses (tactile, optical)
  • Contact angle measurement (surface energy, cleaning ability, wetting)