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In X-ray technology (often called radiography), a component located between the X-ray source and a detector is permeated by X-rays. Depending on material and geometry, the rays are weakened to different degrees, thus enabling the detection of flaws on the inside of the component in the micrometer range.


Therefore, X-ray methods are one of the predestined non-destructive testing (NDT) methods in plastics technology. Industrial computed tomography (iCT) is a special X-ray technology method. Images are taken from many different angles, which results in a three-dimensional illustration of the test object. It also enables a measurement of the components through target-performance comparison of the data measured with a CAD data set or tactile measurement methods.

Two computer tomographs are made available to the SKZ for non-destructive testing and measurements by Wenzel Volumetrik, which differ regarding possible sample sizes as well as attainable resolution and which can connected to the SKZ's tactile measurement machines.

The SKZ is also interested in the development of the comparably young laminography as a special method for large-scale components, such as fiber-reinforced plastics for lightweight construction.