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Ultrasonic (Media- and Air-coupling)

Ultrasonic technology is one of the most commonly used non-destructive testing (NDT) method. The applications range from detecting flaws, such as cracks and delaminations in fiber-reinforced plastics, to measuring layer thickness.


All applications have in common, that electric energy is transformed in mechanic waves with frequencies ranging from approx. 20 kHz up to some GHz and conducted into the component. The sound waves, for example, are reflected and detected on interfaces. By analyzing the density-dependent wave characteristics, such as attenuation and sound velocity, inherent component structures or dispersion can be concluded. High mobility, nonhazardous application, and the unilateral sample access, which is sufficient in most cases, are advantageous.

The SKZ is reacting to the prevailing disadvantage - the usage of coupling agents for sound discharge - with non-contact air-coupled ultrasound systems in research and industrial cooperation.